7 Things That Every Indian or Pakistani Will Realise Living Abroad


When you are an Indian or a Pakistani, moving abroad seems like a huge task. It seems daunting and scary, but it is also exciting because many people dream of moving abroad for work or studies.


And, at first, things are great. You are enjoying the new life and exploring everything. But still, there comes a time when reality sets in. And a lot of people think that the charm of living abroad has worn off. They're back to eating in a Pakistani or Indian restaurant in Sydney because they miss home.


Here are some things that eventually happen to every desi person when they move abroad.

1.     You Miss Home

Moving abroad is usually for one of two main reasons. Either you moved for your studies, or you moved because you had a job offer. Either way, there comes the point when you stop and realise that despite those reasons, you miss home. You'll want to pick up the phone and contact your family, or you'll want to see your home again.

2.   You Miss Your Native Cuisine

Yes, it is exciting moving abroad to Australia. You get to experience so many different cultures and their foods. But, at one point, you will come to realise that you miss the food palette that you grew up on. You will start to crave your mother's cooking again, and you will try to seek options to eat desi food again.

3.    You Learn New Rules

From legal rules to unspoken social rules, when you move to a new country, you realise just how different the world works there, their laws, rules, traditions, history, culture, even the subtleties in behaviour. And you slowly start to adapt to it. They become more and more ingrained into you without you even realising. You even learn about the way people do things in general, like using a service like GrubUP for all their food or grocery delivery needs.

4.   You Get Screwed Over

Moving to a different country is not all sunshine and roses. Despite all your best efforts to integrate, you will stumble. And you will come across people who don't have the best intentions towards you. Even if you are nice and respectful, they might take advantage of you. You should always be conscious about what you are doing, but it will inevitably happen to some degree.


You should learn to move on from it. Don’t let yourself get pushed down by it. Instead, learn from it, and be yourself.


5.   You Realise The Reality

Living abroad is glorified. It used to be a glamorous and wild opportunity to live your dreams. But the reality of it is much more simple. You will find that living abroad, despite any preconceived notions, is not inherently superior to where you came from in any sense.


Every country has its own issues and problems that you have to deal with. There will be challenges that you will have to face abroad too.

6.   You Fall In Love With A Unique Thing

Every country has a unique identity. A feature that is so relatable to the identity of that country that when you think of that feature, you will think of that exact country. You will soon learn that too. And you will become hooked on it, whether it's a food, activity, or even a song.

7.   You Become a Better Person

At the end of it all, when you've finally fit in and gotten used to everything, you will find yourself to be better than you were before everything. You'll be more humble, calmer, and level-headed.


You will finally have a home away from home.


To Sum Up

So, whether you are at that Indian or Pakistani restaurant in Melbourne or you are somewhere else, you will have a connection to where you came from and where you are.


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