7 Best Halal Restaurants In Sydney

Sydney is the largest Muslim population city in Australia, and thus, you can find many halal restaurants in Sydney. So, finding halal restaurants serving delicious cuisines in Sydney is not difficult now. Sydney has a multicultural heritage reflected by a wide variety of halal cuisine. Here, you can find Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabian, and Lebanese foods offered by the known restaurants.

In this blog, we share a list of some popular halal restaurants you can find in Sydney to satisfy your cravings!

List Of The 7 Best Halal Restaurants In Sydney

Look at the following best halal restaurants you can find in Sydney:

1.    Neptune Palace

This is a downtown Chinese food restaurant and has been serving Chinese food lovers for the last two decades in Sydney. It is known for the diverse and extensive combination of Chinese and Malaysian halal food in the city. The restaurant has also received awards for being the best serving Asian restaurant. If you like to eat delicious seafood, vegan food, or beef, the restaurant offers you a diverse menu. You can also find signature dishes, such as whole curry fish, chilli mud crab, wasabi beef, prawns, chicken, etc. It is located in Gateway Sydney.

2.    Ogalo City Sydney

Oporto is a halal fast food restaurant in Sydney. The restaurant is known throughout the city for its Portuguese-style BBQ chicken. If you like burgers and wraps, you can also find them here. One of the more favourable aspects of the restaurant is that Ogalo is open till late at night to serve clients. So, this restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy fresh and delicious fast foods. It is located in Darlinghurst, near Chinatown.

3.    Atlantis On The Bay

If you are a lover of Lebanese cuisine, Sydney has this Lebanese restaurant to serve you. Here, you can enjoy delicious halal cuisines available in a wide variety. Some exceptional Lebanese cuisines you can enjoy here are shawarmas, barbeque platters, and mezze platters. It is located in Brighton-le-Sands.

4.    Ottoman Turkish Cuisine Newtown

This restaurant is highly recognized in Sydney for a unique blend of the oriental flavours and the more modern cuisines. You can find the most delicious foods, including Manti (a Turkish version inspired by the most popular Italian ravioli) and Tavuk sis (marinated chicken). If you have craving for sweet desserts, you must visit this restaurant to enjoy Kazandibi and golden baklavas dripping with honey. It is located in Enmore, Sydney.

5.    Zahli Restaurant

This restaurant is the perfect place for lunch. The best halal cuisines you can find here are mixed vegetarian grill, the freshest fattoush salad, and Lahem Mishwee. The aroma of Muhallebi, a Middle Eastern milk pudding with cream garnished with nuts, most aromatic rose water, and/or sugar syrup. This halal restaurant is located in Surry Hills, Sydney.

6.    Warung Ny Soedarto

It is the best option if you love Indonesian food. This is one of the best halal restaurants in Sydney, serving you delicious beef meatballs, gorengannya, chicken penyet, nasi uduk, soto betawi, and fried foods, among others. A native Indonesian runs this restaurant, which means you will have the exact Indonesian taste. It is located in Bankstown, a suburb southwest of Sydney.

7.    El Jannah

Another Lebanese food restaurant is El Jannah. Visit this restaurant if you are intensely looking for the best halal restaurant in Sydney for burgers, kebabs, shawarmas, and barbecued chicken. The restaurant also gives you an ideal complement by serving their signature garlic sauce and hummus for the main meals. If you live near Blacktown, Campbelltown, and Granville, you can enjoy the delicious foods by going to El Jannah restaurant.

8.    Student Biryani

Desis love Biryani. Well, biryani is worth loving, isn’t it? And which place is better than Student Biryani to enjoy a good plate of Biryani. Student Biryani has been gracing our taste buds with their amazing food for quite some time now. You can easily order from Student Biryani using GrubUp.

9.    Lal Qila

Lal Qila is among the most famous restaurants if you are looking to eat spicy, desi food. Pay this place a visit if you are looking to eat flaming hot kebabs, spicy botis, and creamy handi. You can also order your favorite food from this place using GrubUp.


Final Words

We have shared a list containing some known restaurants that provide the best halal food in Sydney. However, there are many restaurants where you can find the best halal cuisines. We hope this blog will help you find the best one if you want halal cuisines. And if you want to enjoy these halal foods with your family members or friends at your home, it is also possible now in Sydney. You can contact GrubUp, a one-stop food delivery service provider, to get delicious halal foods at your doorstep.