5 Delicious Cuisines Offered In Sydney’s Indian Restaurants

Indian foods are so delicious, including both spicy and non-spicy dishes. Indians who live in the west, especially in Sydney, Australia, always prefer to eat Indian foods. Even native people also like these foods. In a typical Indian restaurant in Sydney, you can find a wide range of delicious foods. Here, you will find some yummy dishes that you may have forgotten, and we help you memorise those dishes through this blog.

Delicious Cuisines Of Indian Restaurants In Sydney

Look at the following tasty dishes you can find in Indian restaurants in Sydney:

1.    Chicken Tikka Masala

This is the Indian specialty and most favourite among all age groups. The roasted marinated chicken chunks are used with spices and yoghurt cooked in a tandoor oven. A spicy sauce is also added to make the dish very tasty. Some variants of this dish also include gravy, tomato, coconut milk, or both.

It is undeniably one of the most consumed Asian dishes in Sydney. Indian and Pakistani cooks have popularised this dish in Australia. This dish is now offered at almost all Indian restaurants in Sydney.

2.    Korma

Korma is another specialty cooked with a very mild yellow curry. Chefs add either a sauce made from yoghurt or coconut milk, along with nutmeg or ground almonds, depending on them. No doubt, it is one of the most consumed cuisines in Sydney’s Indian restaurants.

3.    Butter Chicken

Butter chicken has been among the most sought after dishes that many Indian restaurants offer in Sydney. The combined taste of spices and chicken mixed with thick layers of cream surely mesmerizes the taste buds of people. Eat it with a paratha or a garlic naan to enjoy it to the fullest.

4.    Madras

Madras in South India is said to be where the best curries are made. The sauce or curry that this specialty has is red in colour due to its high concentration of chili powder, making it quite spicy. You may find many different recipes for this dish, which also vary depending on the season, and almost every cook has their own.

The final result is almost always a red sauce due to the use of toasted spices. However, you may find it with a more orange shade, depending on the mixture of red spices because it has tomato. The dish itself is a blend of different flavours. So, you can find it with a mild flavour because of yogurt or cream sauce; sour due to fruits: citrus flavour if lemon is added, and saucy due to the concentration of ginger. Indeed, Madras is a unique dish for those who want to find new cuisines in Sydney.

5.    Biryani

It is basically a basmati rice dish with beef or chicken, yogurt sauce, and a variety of spices. There are several specialties and versions of biryani. You can find very spicy, mid-spicy, and less spicy biryani in Indian restaurants in Sydney. The peculiar characteristic of this dish is that the meat and the rice are each cooked on their own and then mixed together. It is a typical recipe for this dish.

Final Words

If you are an Indian, and even from Bangladesh and Pakistan, you will definitely want typical Indian foods in Sydney. This blog aims to help you memorise those dishes that you have forgotten because you may have been living in Sydney alone or due to other reasons. If you are intensely looking for the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, GrubUP can help you. Our special tiffin service in Sydney will deliver fresh Indian dishes irrespective of how far you are from your favourite Indian restaurants in the city.