5 things Pakistanis/Indians miss when they travel to Australia – What do YOU miss?


A lot of people fly to Australia from Pakistan or India. They are there for better education, better jobs and an overall better lifestyle.

The developed country that Australia is, it is certainly true that it's a lot better than other developing countries in the world in many aspects. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing that the Pakistanis or Indians leave behind when they move away from home.

In this article, we shall see the 5 things that Pakistanis/Indians dearly miss when they come to Australia:


Most Pakistanis/Indians that come to Australia come as individuals. They leave their families behind, and that's something they dearly miss. Thanks to communication technologies, the gaps have reduced significantly.

But still, the physical presence is hard to replace. A lot of people even leave their spouses and children behind, which makes everything even harder.

 Many people make up for this by visiting Pakistan once a year or in a couple of years, but the lag always remains. It's a little sad, but there are some sacrifices you got to make if you have to work for a better future.


There is a certain comfort in speaking a language that you grew up with. Sure, most people who travel to Australia clear their English proficiency tests and are well capable of speaking fluently.

But since English isn't an everyday language in Pakistan, it takes time for people to adjust to the new settings. A lot of Pakistans/Indians that you'll meet in Australia shall be so happy when they meet someone who shares the same mother tongue as them.

There's comfort in familiarity, and that's something people miss when they fly out of Pakistan.

Affordable stuff

Australia has a higher cost of living when compared to Pakistan. Sure, the earnings here are way better. But when people compare the prices to stuff to Pak rupee, they are often shocked. This comparison doesn't leave many Pakistans/Indians even after it's been years since they moved out of the country.

Everything from apparel to electronics is significantly less valued in monetary terms in Pakistan.


Pakistani fruit is amazing. Agriculture and fruit farming are two things that make Pakistan famous around the globe. When people leave the country, fruits are something that they dearly miss.

If you are someone in Australia, you'd surely know. In Pakistan, all fruits are organic, and they taste as if they were grown in heaven. Especially mangoes. Thankfully, there are now Pakistani mango options available in Australia. If you are looking for Pakistani mangoes in Sydney, then you need to visit Grubup.

There you shall find the right fruit variety to suffice your cravings. Thankfully, there's one less thing to miss about Pakistan when you move outside of the country.


This one is the hard part for many people. We have very strong sentiments towards friendships. Many people make friends in school and then keep in touch with them till old age.

When people move to Australia, they have to leave their decades-old friendships behind. Sure, when people move, they make new friends and acquaintances, but that's barely the same.

Final Words

There may be a lot more things that people miss when they fly to Australia. However, the things mentioned above are common with most Pakistanis/Indians that move out.

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What else do YOU miss?